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1  Australia - Sydney
manufacturerADI Limited
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ADI is Australia's leading defence, engineering and systems contractor. 3,000 people,ADI manufactures rifle ammunition, grenades, aircraft bombs, Phalanx anti missile shells, large calibre ammunition, demolition charges and training products. propellants, explosives and chemicals,sole supplier of Kongsberg Penguin missile warheads. minehunter ships. Optronics
Security Sub-categories:  General Hardware
2  India - Hyderabad
manufacturerHBL NIFE Power Systems Limited
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Our products include High power Valve Regulated Lead Acid Monoblock batteries (pure lead tin), Sintered Plate Nickel Cadmium Aircraft batteries, Silver Oxide Zinc batteries for Aircraft, Missiles & Torpedoes, Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries, Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries, Proximity Fuzes, Switch mode rectifiers and Defence Electronic Products. ( visit our web site for details)
Security Sub-categories:  Armour Bulletproof
3  Korea, South -
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Specialty Chemicals for Extruded Double-base (EDB) or Composite Propellants for military / aerospace rockets Parts / Components for 2.75 inch Rockets APROS is the supplier and exporter of specialty products made in Korea. We serve defense industries, aerospace industries.
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