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About Us:  

Why use this site: ExportBureau.com was established  to provide a link between manufacturers and importers around the world that was regionally independent. Most other major export directories on the web are closely aligned with certain countries,regions or governments negating the global nature of the internet and giving way to in-house preference deals. The format is specifically designed to be fast and more importantly simple to navigate without confusing users. While there are other export import boards on the web, none are able to provide the level of service and integrity that being part of a larger network provides us.  A special cross reference agreement between our database and other leading online directories means you have access to even more leads than any single site could provide. 

Reasons ExportBureau is better than other online manufacturing directories

1- ExportBureau is a non profit organization, completely free for both member companies listed in the directory and for the worldwide public to browse every page. This tradition started in 1998 when the company was founded and underlies the strict integrity of the database. There are no "members only" sections ,username login or paid listings. There are no annual fees of any type for any of the listed companies. There are no restrictions placed on different members or excessive advertising cluttering the pages. ExportBureau is supported by Google to ensure that it will continue to be the most popular free online exporter and manufacturer company directory.

2- No Usernames or Passwords are required to browse the database. We do not try to datafarm our users or trick them into paid membership by forcing them to remember complicated usernames and passwords.

3-Regionally Independant, with exports and manufacturing underpinning many country's economys and most import export deals now arranged online through manufacturing directories like ExportBureau the stakes are high. Many exporters complain that certain popular directories promote only their national founders home country exporters at the expense of foriegn competition. A simple check of the popular directories will reveal preferences for "Gold Suppliers" and others which are backed by specific national goverments. Our global statistics and non profit status reflect our international independance from any region government or country.

4- Every manufacturer has its website link listed and easily available to the general public. Too many online directories try to force member companies into setting up automatically generated websites online with the view to invoicing them once the website becomes popular. This is not only a sly attempt to blackmail members in the future it has also contributed to international fraud by letting individuals generate professional looking trade websites with little or no verified identification. Many of these auto generated pages are also redundant as real companies prefer to update their own real websites rather than logging on to the many trade directories. If the companies do not have the money and organization to set up their own real dedicated website then we do not want them as a member.

5- We do not repeat the same companies over and over in any particular category to give the impression of a larger database as many other websites do. Each export company member is allowed only 3 sub categories and is only listed once in each of those sections. The problem with many competitors listings is that by listing on product rather than company they encourage the members to flood their database with every conceivable product they can think of in order to gain more exposure.

6- All new export company information is inspected by system administrators and examined for validity before being included into the database. Many websites rely on computer filtered direct online posts which are not difficult to fool, this results in hundreds of junk export posts, old listings and fraud, usually all in capitals with little or no identification information other than a @yahoo email address.

7- Historical database since 1998

8- Free Worldwide Trade Statistics in every category you can get free worldwide trade statistics and graphs. This is developed through our five years of providing international import and export companies.

7- Secure Email System For Every Member this free public service sends a spam and junk filtered email order enquiry encrypted to the export members direct company salesmen not to 3rd party agents. The message is not modified in any way and includes all the senders contact information so that once the initial contact has been made both buyer and seller are free to conclude their contact in privacy between each other. This system has generated huge orders for members and most export company representatives will take extra attention of your order enquiry knowing the large amount of orders they already recieve through the system.

Trade Terms Dictionary: This selection will bring up a list of common trade terms you are likely to find within the company pages in ExportBureau.com The dictionary provides alphabetical auto jump facilities so you can instantly jump to the word your looking for. If you would like to recommend any particular words for the dictionary please write to   your help will be greatly appreciated.

About ExportBureau.com: This will provide a comprehensive description of Export Bureau , its function , goals and operating procedures.


Online Fraud: We at ExportBureau.com are committed to protecting the integrity of online business. In conjunction with the various organizations listed here we are fighting online fraud in all its many forms. This is part of the essence of ExportBureau.com, too many trade websites let members join with little more than a @yahoo.com email address, hardly a basis to start serious international relationships. 


African Bank Transfer Fraud: As over 98% of the international export fraud originates from Africa we have compiled a comprehensive online information page to inform all international business operators of the threat. 


Contact the Bureau: This will provide you with various contact address for support, information, help and general enquiries.


Privacy Policy:Details on ExportBureau.com and ExportID.com privacy policy with regard to how we manage and protect your personal information.


Advertising Inquiry: You will find all the information here regarding advertising on Export Bureau pricing structures and other advertising services.


This is the top level categories for company's related products. The numbering beside each category indicates how many individual business listings are within. Each top level category leads to a second level sub-category's which in turn leads to the specific export listings. This system enables future growth in the listings while still keeping to quite simple to navigate.

*If you are registering with us please take some time to navigate through the categories to find which top and second level domain suit your company best. If you find that your products fit into multiple categories please note which ones and mention them all in the registration form when asked. Our staff double check to see if you have categorized yourself properly so do not worry unnecessarily about this.    



Register Your Company: If you would like to register your company with Export Bureau just follow the instructions and fill out the necessary forms when prompted. Your information is investigated by our staff and within 24 hours will be included in the directory listings. There are no fees or charges to be included in the directory and your position amongst other companies is graded by the amount of traffic your particular listing receives using VisiRank.

*Please note - Our staff are trained to find fraudulent or misleading registrations. We WILL investigate each and every application to verify that the information is of a sound nature. The Export Bureau was specifically set up in response to fraudulent postings on other export websites. During registration our computers also take your specific terminal location down so that we can later pin point the culprits. Our first response upon finding an incorrect application is to ignore it. If the person attempts a second time a notice will be sent to our partner sites warning of the particular ad and through a unique agreement they will also remove the offenders listing. If the applicant persists his relevant information will be place on the False Information Notice to warn users about dealing with these companies.


Currency Converter: The most current and up to date currency converter.


Regional Information: You can use this to find out regional information with regards to foreign companies you may be dealing with. The information is provided by the Central Intelligence Agency of The United States government and covers many areas in great detail. 


Shipping Information: We have provided a page which should help you find the information you need regarding shipping companies and the different tariffs around the world's ports.

Export Links:

SecureLC : SecureLC provides a safe, convenient and flexible online letter of credit service which facilitates transactions by safegaurding the interests of importers and exporters alike. SecureLC holds the invoice total in a secure acount on behalf of the buyer and issues the seller with a Secure LC which is paid once the goods have been shipped-. Our charge is 0.5% for import peace of mind.
ExportID : ExportID is fast becoming the global leader and innovator in online identification, verification and certification services. Founded in 1998, ExportID is recognized as the global benchmark for the highest standards of expertise, quality and integrity. With specialist employees, ExportID operates a network of almost 50000 daily database clients in every country around the world.
Credit Reports : Simply enter the company details you wish to get information on, select the type of report you want and enter your contact details. A detailed report will be emailed to you within days to help you make the best informed decisions on potiential trading partners. At extremely competitive rates credit reports are an excellent method to get information on current or prospective trading partners.
FreeTradeFront : This is our partner site which provides fast, free easy to import / export postings. It is particularly useful for users with slow internet connections. The categories are more limited than Export Bureau and the information is not nearly as accurate however it is extremely simple to navigate and has better compatibility with some users systems such as laptops, WAP's and older screen resolutions.

Export News:

AsiaFront.com - Asian regional news
AmericaFront.com - American regional news
EuropeFront.com - European regional news
AfricaFront.com - African regional news
asiafront.com - China news
MiddleEastFront.com - Middle Eastern regional news



Report An Incident To ExportBureau: Use this form page to report to our investigating officers any fraud or problems you have encountered in your dealings with companies in the Export Bureau directory. Please include all information about yourself and the company you are reporting so identification can be verified.  We take all information given to us in the strictest of confidence and will only act on people we believe pose a threat to our online export integrity. We take all complaints made very seriously. 

Please Note we will contact you for further details about the complaint lodged before any company is added to the list. Please know that we will attempt to contact the company involved so we will need all their contact information from you as well.

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