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Export Bureau International Fraud Report


General fraud information

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 resourcesExport fraud
 resourcesAfrican Bank Transfer Fraud
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13/03/2007   Fraud complaint iMergent StoresOnline
23/06/2006   Fake brand name shoes and handbag fraud
27/05/2006   Ghana - Western Union export fraud
29/03/2006   Benin Africa fake import company registration
27/01/2006   Fake payment collections job advertising
11/11/2005   Fake Chinese company SSTC used by West African gangs
10/09/2005   Fake import product registration in Benin
17/08/2005   Hong Kong exporter fraud from Benin Africa
16/08/2005   Fake Chinese company CMIEC used by West African gangs
02/06/2005   Fake job offers from Nigeria
22/04/2005   Cameroon and Benin Exchange fraud
22/04/2005   Fake job offers from UK - Identity theft
22/04/2005   Fraudulent investment messages from UK
27/01/2005   African gold dust fraud report
09/11/2004   Massive import related and credit card fraud from Africa
18/07/2004   Immigration fraud targets international trading companies
02/06/2004   Ethnic African criminal organizations operating out of Thailand

Company specific information

22/05/2018   Fraud complaint Mediconpro Pakistan
07/02/2018   Fraud complaint SKT Japan car exporter
30/12/2013   Fraud complaint XIAMEN EASYHOMEWARE CO LTD China
26/04/2012   Fraud complaint SHIJIAZHUANG CHUCAI TRADE China
11/12/2011   Fraud complaint MEDIMEC SDN BHD
19/10/2011   Fraud complaint Auto Power Japan
24/06/2010   Fraud complaint Chemay chemical Cop Ltd China
24/06/2010   Fraud complaint Tianjin Tianchuang Runfeng Chemical China
24/06/2010   Fraud complaint Dentovate Limited Hong Kong
18/06/2010   Fraud complaint Broadway Trading Company Pakistan
09/12/2009   Fraud complaint DOLPHIN SOUTH ATLANTIC S.A. Argentina
05/03/2009   Fraud complaint MDS Services LLC USA
04/03/2009   Fraud complaint Reflex Sports Ltd Pakistan
04/03/2009   Fraud complaint American Exporters LLC USA
10/01/2009   Fraud complaint Shanghai Olympic Sail International China
06/12/2008   Fraud complaint Willisons Corporation Limited Hong Kong
07/09/2008   Fraud complaint Shenzhen Bangchen electronics Science&Technology Co LTD
27/08/2008   Fraud complaint Blacksmiths Craft Works India
26/07/2008   Fraud complaint Sole Textile Ltd Turkey
13/06/2008   Fraud complaint Arcangel Consultant Group
29/03/2008   Fraud Complaint China Xinjiang Deyuan Inc
02/12/2007   Fraud complaint Ridafone Information Technology
12/10/2007   Fraud complaint GVK enterprises
12/10/2007   Fraud complaint ATC Japan Co Ltd
13/04/2007   Fraud complaint Schefields Exports India
07/03/2007   Fraud complaint Yantai Jinmala Knitgoods and Textile co China
07/03/2007   Fraud Complaint Spectrum Sell Indonesia
07/03/2007   Fraud complaint Daishi Trading Co Japan
07/03/2007   Fraud complaint Zhejiang Wuyi Green Guarantees Vehicle China
07/03/2007   Fraud complaint Greenland Pipe Company Pakistan
19/11/2005   Fraud complaint Shanghai Canna Optical Instrument Co
05/01/2005   Fraud Report- 2 Wing DJ Anatomical Model Factory
03/01/2005   Zhongshan Haba Electric Appliance & Gas Utensils Co
09/11/2004   ROK Development HK packaging trading company fraud
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