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Directory of Casting Machinery Manufacturers, Casting Machinery Exporters, Machinery

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181  China - Luoyang City
manufacturerLuoyang Wanle Electrical Equipment Plant
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Our factory mainly engaged in Intermediate frequency electric furnace(heating equipment and smelting equipment).Capacity ranges from 0.15 ton to 40 ton. The company established in 1992 year, as a manufacturer in Luoyang City Of China,has more than twenty-six years experience of producing electrical equipment. 20 minutes once molten with our highest efficiency and have the patent of three rectifier stirring inverter furnace for alloy casting.
Machinery Sub-categories:  Casting Machinery  Electronics Machinery  Hydraulic Machinery
182  United States - Lake Forest
manufacturerSAM Sputter Targets
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SAM Sputter Targets is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as metals, alloys, oxides, ceramic materials. SAM Sputter targets supplies high-quality and consistent products to meet SAM Sputter Targets customers' R&D and production needs.
Machinery Sub-categories:  Casting Machinery  Chemical Machinery
183  China - shanghai
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SIMUWU vacuum technology co., LTD is the leading manufacturer and sales of vacuum furnace in the world.
Machinery Sub-categories:  Casting Machinery  Construction Machinery Mixed  Drilling Machinery
184  China - Dongguan
manufacturerKuroda-chaoyang precision Mould Co,Ltd
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outer diameter of component will must be according to customer's drawing material:according to customer's demand delivery:delivery time including trial period 60days spares:kuroda-chaoyang will give free 30% parts services:for the first year,if the mould have any problem,kuroda-chaoyang need send engineer to customers factory to repair it,and kuroda-chaoyang engineer will teach customer engineer how to maintain it.
Machinery Sub-categories:  Casting Machinery  Coating Machinery  Cutting Machinery
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