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Fraud complaint iMergent StoresOnline



  A high pressure sales seminar scam under the name StoresOnline run by American company iMergent have been hosting free dinner events across Asia. Visitors are pressured into paying a token fee to go to an all day workshop to learn "secrets of internet sales". At these workshops victims are pressured into buying simple template style websites for up to $5000 dollars with promises of massive profits. When the victim fails to achieve the fraudulent profit targets they are again pressured for a second payment of many thousands of dollars for "intensive training" which usually involve referring the victim to simple website optimization techniques freely available on the internet.

The scam works in the same way as many African fraud operations where the victims not willing to realise their initial investment was practically worthless are likely to pay many more thousands of dollars to regain their initial payments.

With many online articles from victims describing being forced into the scam deliberately being buried online by iMergent company staff and false threats of legal action the scam has perpetuated for many years now.

Using psychological techniques similar to the Nigerian fraud operations people are often sent an unsolicited letter of invitation to a free meal in their local city. A specially imported high pressure sales team from America then use typical American bluster to hype the crowd into buying their vastly overpriced service.

The victims extend around the world.

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