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Fake payment collections job advertising



  A scam has appeared recently involving fake job solicitations for "overseas payment collection" here is a common example:

We have a Job for you.
To a future employee,

An European trading company,located in Rotterdam Netherlands,is looking for US personnel in order to intermediate marketing transactions overseas. Due to a large period of time concerning the payment transactions accomplished between US and Europe,our company is searching for staff,part
time or full time.
The most important aptitudes required are seriousness in keeping in strict confidence the identity of our clients(our company's errand,including your salary,depends on that so the buyer's identity cannot be acquainted with the seller's),also promptitude on carrying out the tasks or our demands
required to the matter. The earnings in return for work are various,between $2,000 and $5,000 per
month for only 3 hours a day.Depending on your time implication,seriousness and correctness,the earnings can be increased up to 300% .
If you are interested on a possible colaboration then contact us at:
human_resources@sobeco-bv.com .

Kind regards
SobeCO Trading BV

Often a legitimate export company's details are used. In this case the innocent victim is a genuine Netherlands furniture exporter. This scam is perpetrated by the same West African immigrant or East European crime syndicates involved in similar scams. Netherlands or United Kingdom, with their high immigrant populations and good international reputation, provide the perfect cover for this criminal operation. A local Netherlands or UK fax number is used for correspondence to lure the potential victims into the trap.

The scam turns the unwitting victim into a transfer point for international drug money laundering or funneling proceeds from phishing or credit card scams. The victim is thus implicated in these crimes.


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