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Fake import product registration in Benin



  Benin is a country in West Africa surrounded by other high risk countries such as Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Togo. Manufacturing companies and export agents are approached and offered a large contract which will be paid by telegraphic transfer or western union.

The buyer is then told that products have to be registered with the government before they can be imported, various fanciful stories are used and subtle threats of government seizure or legal action are often used. The registration fee runs into thousands of dollars and it has to be wired by Western Union. Most West African scams use western union because it is essentially untraceable and universally available. The payment can be picked up anywhere in the recipient country without the buyer ever finding out who collected the money or identification details of that person.

here is a recent sample of the common fraud type.

The African Development Bank acknowledged having received your

It is the norm of the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK to take priority in
our clients, it is on this vain that we make a frantic effort to
speak with the authorities of your company, as to sort out on how we
can help you. There were nobody to pick the call at that point.
Since the event of Sept 11, 2001 in Manharttan New York, the Benin
Government in conjuction with the Alerican government have
promulgated a law that any fund more than US$50 000 must be
accounted for.
This your payment has been documented for the importation of
soft drinks but subsequent investigation reveals that the
products is not yet registerred. It will be worlthy to inform you
that you have 7 days to provide us this documents, so that we can
immediately submitt same to the central bank where your transferred
money is temporarily trunketed. Upon the elaps of this date the fund
will be permanently confiscated.
Based on this fact Sir, the central bank has requested tat you
1..patent registration clearance certificate. Issued from the bureau
of public entreprise in Benin.
2..Trade liberalization certificate (ECOWAS). Which is a free trade
authorization paper.
Your local partners should have known this and inform you. We are
always ready to serve you better. We advise you to make inquiries on
how to get the documents before the 7 days. Your partners should be
at the vintage position to let you know what to do and we have also
given the contacts of the accredited attorney to one MR OKUWA,who
visited for your file. We have also given contacts of attorney that
can help you obtain the documents as you don't have it already.
This bank promise that once we received the two documents we will
without delay submitte a memo to the apex bank (BCEAO) for immediate
release of your funds to your account in Indonesia.
Your co-operation is very important.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Ben Miller

Director Int'l Remittance Dept.
Phone; 229 892928
contact person; Joe madu Chidi
Email; bensawadogo@yahoo.com
contact person; Ben M.Sawadogo
phone; 229 485033
email; cabinetonwukwomang@lawyer.com
contqct person; O.K.Mang
phone; 229 459401

here is a sample of the fake documents used in the fraud

here is another sample email

We are very much happy with your massage,but what we want you to know is that your co-oparetion with the authority will be a prove definitely and that prove is what needed to procced with your transfer.

Beside,we have today contacted the board and they make it clear with us that they needed a complete prove with your fee payment to the authority ,therefore they now declear to know how much can you be able to afford out of the USD5.000.00? Confirm how much can you be able to send with the information giving to you to them,so that with that they can be able to apply from the organization,to accept the little you have afford as thier prove and after you might have recieve your full payment you will balance the rest.

So kindly confirm how much can you be able to afford let us know.

Mr Mac.


If you have any information please contact ExportBureau
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