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Fake job offers from Nigeria



  Recently our servers have been flooded with a new variation of an old tactic, coming from the same Nigerian criminal organizations that have been focusing on the international business world for the past several years.

As a result of the growing worldwide awareness of the West African responsibility for well over 80% of international fraud cases, these criminal have now taken to disguising themselves as European or Asian companies.

The following email is an example of Nigerian criminals masquerading as a Chinese export company.

> THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS: metallurgical_chem_company@yahoo.com
> Company Name: china metallurgical company
> Contact Person: mr woo fang
> Contact Phone No: 23456976
> Country: China
> Company Type: Distributor,
> I am Mr. Woo Fang, Vice President of China
> metallurgical import and export company.
> We are a group of business men who deal on Raw
> Materials and My company was established in 2001 we
> export raw materials such as non-metallic minerals
> such as Calcite, Barytes, Manganese Dioxide, Dolomite
> Mica China Clay, Manganese Dioxide, Ferrous (Irona)
> Oxide.
> The various industries we cater to are Paints, Rubber,
> and Plastics, Construction chemicals. My sales vary
> from different sizes and we export them into Canada,
> Europe and America.
> We are searching for representatives who can help us
> establish a medium of getting to our costumers in
> Canada, Europe and America as well as making payments
> through you to us and earn 10% of every payment made
> through you to us.
> Subject to your satisfaction you will be given the
> opportunity to negotiate your mode of which we will
> pay for your services as our representative.
> If you are interested, please fill inn the blank
> spaces below:
> 1.Your Full
> Names................................................
> 2.Your Full Contact
> Address......................................
> 3.State/Country..................................................
> 4.Your Phone/Fax
> Numbers.........................................
> I await your prompt response.
> Yours faithfully,
> Mr. Woo Fang.

The contact phone number connects directly to Nigeria where much of this world wide criminal activity is orchestrated. Typically, their strategy is to befriend and build a sense of trust with the victim and then persuade the victim to pay fictitious fees, usually through threats and false accusations.

An ExportBureau member was recently sent a fake cheque from West Africa which, after being rejected by the bank, was followed by the following threat ...

>dear sir
>i have just informed this mornig that my cheque is ok, and you lie to me. if you are not keen to do >business with me better send back my cheque to me by registered post or i report the case to >singapore chamber of commerce, mr. thief.
>fawaz onik2009@yahoo.com

Do not pay any attention to these empty threats which are only an attempt to appear legitimate and convincing.

It is unfortunate that as these cases of fraud become increasingly convincing they impact the good will of the international trading community by weakening international trust and increasing general suspicion.


If you have any information please contact ExportBureau
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