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Fraudulent investment messages from UK



  Below is a copy of a criminal message commonly sent to import / export companies around the world. Please be advised not to have any contact with these criminals who should be considered extremely dangerous.

Contact Person: Michael Hane
Return Email: michaelhane@zwallet.com
Phone: 44- 7867662634
Country: United Kingdom
Company Type: Other
Message: Hello,
My name is Mr. Michael Hane and I work with a trading company but I manage the rep. office in London. I have in my custody $6.240 million dollars that accrued from import proceeds and it\'s been in my custody for years. I need an experienced investor who can turn this money over within one or two years time and return the principal back after then. May be more agreement could be reached to extend the investment period if all things goes well. The money is being deposited with a finance company in Madrid Spain (KISAC). The finance company\'s contact details will be given to you for further communication on the way forward. Please you must be well experienced in business and it demands CONFIDENTIALITY as I\'m trying to use a good opportunity within my reach to make a living.
Please understand the position of this transaction before you indicate interest. You can call me on 44- 7867662634. Thanking you for your understanding. Expecting your immediate response.

Michael Hane.Fri, 22 Apr 2005 04:19:22 +1000
IP Address:
Host: Port: 3484

26 King Road,
London Chelsea,
SWI72HF London.
am Mr.Steve Takuma Odede, the secretary to the Director, Project Implementation NNPC London I\'m interested in engaging your services as manager of a large volume of funds for investment purpose.
If this proposal is acceptable to you, please write to me, so that we can work out remuneration for your participation in the transaction, and also let you know how we can achieve this objective.
I ask & request that you make the earliest mail Possible for Further details in respect of this transaction. You can Contact me Via:odede@hotmail.co.uk
Most Sincerely Yours With highest regards,

Mr.Steve Takuma Odede

Wed, 4 May 2005 07:28:38 -0500
IP Address: X Forwarded For:
Country: GB
Host: Port: 20659

From: Mr Jabi Douglas
Fax :No 44 8701304351
Email: jabi_douglas@postino.it

I am Mr Jabi Douglas a consultant agent to Barclays Bank Plc London, I have a lucrative business I want to share with you.
I am involved in distributing, buying of stocks and channeling of contractors funds
And consignment direct to their countries . Me and my colleague has diverted one trunk
Consignment marked privilege confidential containing 6.5m us dollars with your cooperation we want to deliver the consignment direct to you in your country.
There is a secret arrangement involved in the shipment of these consignment of funds which usually indicated (PCC) privilege confidential consignment with special diplomatic immunity.
We have concluded modalities of operation and your name will be listed by my
Colleague who is the Foreign Payment officer as the rightful beneficiary of the consignment and it will be deliver direct to you without further delay and without any complications.
We will provide you with all the information and code reference of the consignment to claim and receive the consignment upon arrival in your country.
We will come to your country immediately you receive the consignment to invest the funds in your country or we will disburse the funds among ourselves depending on what we will decide. Kindly contact me urgently through contact numbers or email given above.
Yours faithfully
Jabi Douglas.

Sat, 7 May 2005 23:53:52 -0500
IP Address: X Forwarded For:
Country: GB
Host: Port: 33267

These letters are written in a similar style to the well known Nigerian fraud emails and is being sent from London, where many of these Nigerian gangs have now relocated. London is the hub from which most West African criminal operations are now being operated and we advise our international business members to exercise caution when dealing with any companies or individuals based in London. The reference to a Spanish finance company is a common Nigerian gang tactic to lure the victim to a foreign, non-English speaking country. This isolation, teamed with a certain level of trust that has been gained from the victim, aids these criminals in coercing and threatening the victim into paying imaginary fees.


If you have any information please contact ExportBureau
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