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African gold dust fraud report



  For the past few months our international servers and members have been inundated with tens of thousands of emails and internal messages from African criminals operating in London pushing a gold dust fraud scheme.
The general message appears as follows.
I would like to introduce my company,MORGAN MINING CO.LTD.
Your contact was made available to me true a business friend who told me that you can assist us to buy or contact buyers of our Alluvial Gold Dust.
We are miners of Alluvial Gold Dust(AU). We are registered with all the necessary agencies of the government and we have the requisite authorization to export gold.
The Mining Company is willing and ready to deliver to buyers own destination between 100-500 kgs of Gold Dust without any upfront payment.
Which are offering for sale $6,500 US dollars per kilo, or we would like you to use your international marketing capabilities to assist us in locating a reputable buyer in which we will pay you an attractive negotiated sales representative commission.
Our conditions for delivery and sale are as follows:
1) The buyer will come and examine the goods in a Warehouse or Bank.
2) The buyer will required to take sample for test.
3) After test on the samples proves satisfactory (i.e.22 carat )the buyer will be required to place Bank Guarantee(BG) or make a deposit of 30% cash before the goods are released to your company for onward delivery to refinery of buyers choice
4) The balance of the amount will have to be paid after 7 working days into a designnated account to be provided my seller.
5) We assure delivery of the products within 14 days after a signed latter of accepatnce of our condition has been recieved from the buyer.
Thanks Yours Faithfully,

Fri, 28 Jan 2005 02:52:27 +1000
IP Address: X Forwarded For:
Country: GB
Host: Port: 4124

This scheme commonly involves arranging a meeting with members of the local African community in London, and then using physical threats and intimidation to steal the victim


If you have any information please contact ExportBureau
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